Craft in-home.

Craft in-home came to us a little while ago (as Liquor4less), having some serious performance issues with their online store. We migrated them over to one of our high performance eCommerce servers, fixed up some issues in the backend and got their site performance where it should be.

They were stoked.

A little while later 'Liquor4less' went through a full re-brand and tasked us with redesigning their website, while at the same time modernising their store functionality, upgrading their theme and having a good old clean-out of their plugins.

The new store, 'Craft in-home' looks and works great. The team at Craft in-home love the new design and the fancy new store features.

And we as usual, are happy because they're happy.


ClientBevCraft NZ Ltd

ProjectWebsite development, web hosting

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