Pro Hosting.

Dedicated VPS server managed by professionals. Dedicated IP address, rock solid security and backed up weekly. 99.9% uptime.

Secure, fast hosting is one of the most important factors for a happy, healthy website. Our servers are managed and maintained by professionals and are kept in tip top shape. If there is an issue, it gets fix fast.

Each server is backed up weekly and we keep a copy of that backup for 4 weeks. So if we ever need to, we can quickly rebuild an entire server.

All Pro Hosting plans have a dedicated VPS server and dedicated IP address. This significantly boosts server performance as the server is never under stress, and it also reduces the risk of security breaches as no other websites are using or abusing your server resources or your IP address. For absolute security in data transfer we also include a signed SSL certificate.

Pro Website Hosting Plan

The Pro Hosting plan includes one POP or IMAP mailbox, with webmail and additional mailboxes at $2.50 each. In addition to the weekly server level backups, website's are backed up weekly and the database is backed up daily. Both are stored to third party storage services for total peace of mind.

The best thing is that our servers are fully scalable. So if we find that your website or traffic has grown, we can add resources to your server. Simple. 

For full details of our Pro Hosting plan please call us on 07 282 7187 or flick us a message via our contact form.

from $65 p/m +gst
  • Dedicated VPS server & IP
  • SSL certificate
  • Enormous storage
  • Enormous traffic
  • Webmail
  • 1 free email account
  • Daily database backups
  • Weekly full-site backups
  • 3rd party backup storage
  • Website security
  • 7 day support

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